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“We recently changed our First Aid equipment supplier to GTS MedOH and asked if they could also provide our First Aid training as I was keen to keep everything First Aid under one roof. I was delighted when they confirmed that they could and we quickly arranged a training course.

The feedback from my team, a few of whom are long-serving Hotel Security Officers, was outstanding.

I would not hesitate to recommend them in the future.”

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“I attended both the online audiometry and lung function update courses, organised by GTS-MedOH. The lung function update, presented by Jo Feary from Lungs at Work, was the best update I have ever attended. Many of us have not been doing lung function during the pandemic and some things were very rusty, but Jo just explained it so well, it just clicked.


If you are considering updating your training, I can certainly recommend going through GTS-MedOH.”


"Here at Global OHS we decided to start using MedOH for our vaccination and medical consumables during the pandemic due to national shortages. Despite this, MedOH fulfilled every order and within the expected timeframes; their professional approach, customer service and responsiveness have ensured me that they are now firmly embedded as our preferred supplier."

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