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Calibration & Testing Services


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Enabling our customers to maintain safe and reliable medical devices and instrumentation.

We work throughout England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands, delivering medical device test, inspection and calibration services across a variety of healthcare and commercial sectors, helping our customers comply with standards and best practice guidelines laid out by MHRA, CQC and PAM. We can offer calibration and testing services, on-site and of-site.


• Engineers are trained by medical device manufacturers and an in-house training plan.

• Test to IEC 62353 (Medical electrical safety testing) as part of routine testing within all sectors.

• Liaise regularly with the MHRA, CQC, IHEEM and IPEM to ensure testing standards are of the highest quality.

• Engineers only use the very latest testing technology available.


Operating in a number of sectors including:

• Care Homes

• Hospices

• NHS Hospitals

• Occupational Health

• GP Surgeries

• HMP Prisons


We can test and calibrate a wide range of medical equipment including:

• Acoustic Booths

• Alcometer

• Ambulance Oxygen Lines & Terminals

• Audiometer*

• Beds – Electric Profiling

• Blood Pressure Monitor

• Cautery

• CO Meter (Smokerlyser)

• Centrifuge

• CME Medical/ BD T34 Syringe Driver

• Couch (Hydraulic / Electric)

• Patient Monitor

• Doppler

• Ear Syringe

• Electronic Hand Dynamometer

• Entonox Demand Valves


• Flow Meter

• Freezer

• Fridge

• Hearing Loop

• Height Measure

• Hoist

• Nebuliser

• Other Manufacturer’s Syringe Driver/ Infusion Pump

• Otoscope

• Oxygen Regulator / Flowmeter

• PA Testing (PAT)

• Pulse Oximeter

• Scales

• Spirometer

• Stretcher/ Carry Chair

• Suction Pump

• Thermometer (fridge/ room)

• Thermometer (tympanic)

• 3 Litre Calibration Syringe

• Vision Screeners

• Wheelchair

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